Sustainable Agricultural Production (SAP) Biosolutions is a dynamic startup founded in 2022 by a team of agricultural graduates. As proud winners of the Tamil Nadu Students Innovator 2021 award, we aim to develop innovative technologies and products that enhance productivity, optimize resource utilization, and promote sustainable farming practices.

Our team of experts combines scientific expertise with a passion for agriculture, ensuring that our solutions are practical, effective, and environmentally friendly. Annamalai Innovation and Incubation Research Foundation (AIIRF) has provided us with invaluable incubation and support, nurturing our growth as a startup.


To outreach agro BioSolutions to every bunds and furrows and make them accessible to the farming community.


To develop a sustainable farming community that adopt natural ways of farming and marching towards healthy organic ecosystem.

Our Team

Nivardha G

Co- founder and Managing partner of SAP Biosolutions Pvt Ltd.
Leading from the front, she managed to take essential steps for the firm.

Sivabalan S

Co-founder and Partner of SAP Biosolutions Pvt Ltd.
Hailing from the agricultural background, he take care of the operations and supply chain management.

Ganesan G

Mentor of our team
His extensive knowledge of agro inputs and agroecosystems, plays a crucial role as a mentor, guiding our startup in scaling up and expanding our impact in the agricultural industry.

Neyavaruni G

R&D team
She aspires to collaborate natural ways of farming with advanced science and technologies to provide sustainable solutions.

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